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These pages contain useful information about Aurora.  Pages are shown below along with a brief description, click on the link to take you to the page or use the menu above.  On this page there is also a video of Aurora's Founder (Susannah) talking about what it's like to be a survivor. 


Aurora in the Media: contains videos, audios and pdf files


Support us: description of the various ways you can help raise much needed funds for Aurora


Gallery: slide show of the Aurora Therapy Centre (and of one of our cats)


Client Testimonials: comments from a number of Aurora clients


Social Media: links to the various platforms where you can engage with Aurora


Crowdfunding Challenge: information about a fundraisinig campaign to help Aurora raise £5000


Living with Abuse

Aurora's Founder talks about what's it's like to be a Survivor.  Please note the video carries a TRIGGER WARNING

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