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Aurora in the Media








The four videos below show Susannah and Anna appearing on various TV programmes.


Please note that some of the material shown in the videos is explicit and can be upsetting.


Susannah on Radio 4 being interviewed by Penny Marshall (2009)

Susannah on Radio 5 Live being interviewed about a play "An Audience with Jimmy Savile (2015)

Susannah on the BBC World Service (2009)


Susannah (using a pseudonym Lucy) on Jezza's Virgin Confessions (2004)


Q & As between Susannah and Mariah on abuse issues

Choosing therapy

Is healing from abuse possible?

In Print

Two articles about Susannah and Aurora were published in 2009 by the weekly magazines Woman and Grazia. With the kind permission of both these magazines the articles are available below.

An article about Susannah was published in a local magazine in 2015 and an online version is available to read at the following link: Surviving Sexual Abuse

Interview with a Survivor

Keith describes what abuse has meant to him

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