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Making an Appointment

All appointments are made by phone at Aurora.  If you do call and we’re unable to answer messages can be left on the confidential answer-phone. Alternatively, you can send us a message using the "Contact us" button below. We take all enquiries very seriously as we fully recognise how hard it can be to make that initial step, so we do our best to reply to all client enquiries as soon as we possibly can.


First Steps


The first step in accessing Aurora's services is to arrange an initial telephone chat with one of our counsellors.  The chat helps us to explain about the Aurora service and it also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions.  It would be a brief chat to initially see if we think Aurora can help you; for example, Aurora is located near to Putney/Kingston in south west London so we need to see if you would be able to travel to and from appointments every week. 

We do have to ask for a contribution towards the cost of therapy and the standard amount is £50 per session so we need to see if this is affordable for you.  We do have a limited number of "reduced contribution places" so if you would like to be considered for one of these please ask for further information.

Waiting list for all places

Demand for our services means we currently have a waiting list for all our counselling places.  As therapy at Aurora is open-ended and usually long term, I'm afraid we are unable to give an idea how long it might be for a place to become available.

After the Initial Chat

If you and the counsellor both feel you could benefit from coming to Aurora we would invite you in for an initial assessment; or if you are seeking a "reduced contribution" place your name is added to the waiting list and you will be contacted when a place becomes available to arrange the initial assessment appointment.

Our Location

The Aurora Therapy Centre is a protected space for clients and is situated in Kingston-Upon-Thames in Surrey.  Kingston has excellent public transport facilities via British Rail links to central London and bus routes.


The Initial Session

The initial assessment is with a senior counsellor and is your first point of access to Aurora for any of the services. It allows the opportunity to see the Centre, talk about your concerns, your reasons for coming to Aurora and the different aspects of the service you might want to use. The session usually lasts for an hour. You will be asked to come earlier than the appointment time to complete some forms (the counsellor can help complete them with you if necessary) and it's also an opportunity to relax and unwind in the peaceful waiting area.  


If there is mutual agreement between you and Aurora to proceed with counselling arrangements for the next session will be discussed at the time.


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