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Talking Therapies


Counselling and Psychotherapy


Aurora provides specialist, integrative counselling and psychotherapy interventions where clients can explore difficult and sensitive issues with experienced and sensitive practitioners without judgement or repercussion. Counselling for childhood abuse help victims work through their childhood traumas and the associated deep despair often experienced.


With the dedicated commitment and determination of both client and therapist, these talking therapies enable clients to experience more fulfilling and resourceful lives. Aurora provides an opportunity for clients - who are seriously committed and fully prioritise their therapy - to achieve and sustain recovery. Recovery is considered a very serious business at Aurora. Our clients heal and sustain their recovery because of their consistent hard work, determination and full commitment to their personal journey both within and outside of their therapy sessions.


Success in your own recovery depends upon attending, fully participating and being totally honest in your therapy sessions irrespective of whether your self-denial, self-sabotage and/or self-destruction is uppermost at the time, or not. No one can do this for you - it has to be done by you with positive, caring support.


Time heals and healing takes time!


Support / Therapy Groups


We are not currently running support or therapy groups at Aurora. 

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