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Lei (Integrative Counsellor)


Lei has been with Aurora since 2019 when she volunteered as a Support Worker. She has stayed at Aurora throughout her training and now works with us as a qualified Counsellor. She is so encouraged by the spirit of the Aurora Team and the warm, nurturing environment she found here. Lei truly believes in the need for people in counselling to have a safe and accepting space where they feel valued for who they are. Aurora offers time and support whilst clients work to nourish themselves and grow, she think that’s special, and is thrilled to be involved.

Lei works in a largely person-centred way, which means she believes in the power of providing a nurturing, empathetic space where you can work at your own pace. Sometimes it can be hard to talk about some of the things that we need to, but by working in a trauma informed way, she'll support you to feel safe and able to understand your emotions and feel in control of your responses. Lei believes therapy works best when working together by building a relationship where you can explore the more difficult parts of your story together and helping you to make sense of what has happened to you, how it shapes who you are now and discovering your own path through it.

Lei also works as a School Counsellor, supporting children and young people. In this work she uses a lot of play, storytelling and creative arts. She finds using creativity to be a really interesting way of exploring thoughts and feelings and have sometimes worked this way with her Aurora clients too – even over Zoom.


Professional Qualifications


  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (Person-Centred and Existential)

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