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Why we ask for contributions


Aurora is a registered charity and non-profit making organisation. The cost of maintaining the service is high and our Unit Cost for providing a one hour therapy session is calculated to be £90.   We do receive some grant funding but we also need to ask for a contribution towards this cost in order to keep the service going.   This is currently £50 per session (including the assessment) which is just over half the Unit Cost so all sessions are heavily subsidised by Aurora.  However, we do have limited "reduced contribution" places available ranging from £15 - £35 (depending on circumstances) so please enquire on the availability of these if you are on benefits or low income and are unable to pay the full amount.


Please know that we do not have any reduced contribution places available (at April 2019).  We have had to start a waiting list so please contact us if you wish to have your name added to the list. 

For Aurora to cover the expense of running the organisation we rely on:

  • Donations from clients who benefit from our services

  • Donations from people who support what we do

  • Payments via Gift Aid from tax relief on donations received

  • Grants from other organisations

  • Money raised from fundraising activities

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