Maria (Integrative Counsellor)


Originally from Italy I have been living in London since 1985. Since 2010, during and after my Integrative Counselling Diploma, I have been volunteering for a counselling agency where I was trained in Play Therapy, Couples Therapy, Self-Harm and Suicide Awareness, Loss and Bereavement, Trauma and Depression. I worked also for a charity that deals with Domestic Violence: working with male and female DV Victims gave me an insight of the pain, suffering and the destructive effects that spouse/partner/family can inflict to his/her nearest.


I also work, as a School Counsellor, in a residential special school for boys aged 9 to 16 years who have social, emotional and mental health difficulties, here I have learned on how trauma, neglect and abuse affect the body and spirit of my young clients, resulting in anxiety, nightmares, depression, addictions, hyperactivity and aggression.


I feel that every person is a unique individual, conditioned by his/her background, mental development and outlook, surroundings and experiences.  Creating an open-minded and healthy therapeutic relationship is the basis of my approach where a person has the chance to trust him/herself, others and the process of changing. What I give is a safe, warm and compassioned environment in which the client will feel supported and at ease to explore and address his/her personal challenges.