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Josiah (Counsellor in Training)

Josiah is currently studying a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and holds a multidisciplinary BSc degree with a focus on child psychology and counselling. He began his career in youth work with trans and LGBQ+ youth at risk of homelessness and exploitation. He became interested in trauma work through witnessing the healing power of grassroots action within these communities. 


Josiah has had a varied career working in sexual health, education, childcare, summer camps, youth work, abuse prevention, charities and counselling agencies. Much of his work has involved diversity, equity and justice education. Marginalised groups experiencing trauma have always been at the centre of his work and it was this same community-minded spirit and philosophy that drew him to work with Aurora. 


Josiah’s training is integrative, which means he can tailor his approach to meet your needs. He also strives to work in an anti-oppressive way, which involves reflecting on how systems of inequality affect the counselling relationship. He has experience as a client in therapy which he feels is integral to his practice as a counsellor. Walking alongside you to understand how you experience the world is important to him and he believes in collaborating with you to co-create a space where every aspect of you is welcome. 


Professional qualifications: 


  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling - ongoing 

  • BSc (hons) Open degree with a focus on child psychology and counselling 

  • Certificate in Counselling Children in Schools 


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