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Finding the Artist Within


One of the many discoveries that I made upon my healing journey a few years ago was my ability to create my own inner artist and draw from real life. I was one of those people who often looked on in envy, and frustration at other’s people’s artwork, often wishing that I could create my own masterpieces for others to see. Although I tried of I was often bitterly disappointed with my amateurish attempts to create something beautiful and real out of what I saw in my own visual world. However I was also aware that even in those unsuccessful attempts there was also a great deal of learning about some of my many qualities and I discovered that although inpatient and frustrated at times I harnessed a great deal of determination, desire , self – belief and willingness to carry on. I remember how often I used to let my own judgments against myself get in the way of my creativity and by listening to myself I would often catch myself saying the following statement,” this is hopeless” “I can’t do this, its impossible” frequently. Things did not change overnight, but eventually I learned to set myself some small goals after discovering what my media was.


My beautiful inner child showed me how I could make clouds just by using my fingers. It was like I had stumbled upon a new and wonderful world that day curious and excited by what I could see and do. As I grew in confidence I began to practice first from photographs then eventually real life and although the images that I presented were different to what I saw, I came to realize and accept that this was my artist interpretation of what and how I see things in my visual world. This was about me. I am so very proud and delighted with my pictures that I don’t mind sharing them with others and also congratulating myself with “Well done, you mastered it and you did it”.


My advice to anyone is that if you really want to do something, is to stay focused, don’t be put off by what others say, don’t listen to your inner critic because whatever it says it is not true and follow what heart desires and you will get there whatever the journey, whatever the challenge. Good luck with yours.



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