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Visit to the Cat Cafe


Lady Dinah’s Cat Café is situated in Shoreditch, East London and is the first London-based Cat Café of its kind.  Since its opening the café has proved so popular that people often have to book weeks in advance to experience a lunch date with the moggies.


There are two floors; the upper floor which can be seen from the entrance window and the basement floor which has a larger seating area.  Health, safety and hygiene is a paramount part of the visiting experience as there are up to 12 cats that live in the building, all of whom are deeply cared for. 


The Cat Café is a wonderful place with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff always at hand if ever you need to ask them a question about the cats. The cats themselves are peaceful and settled and can be found snoozing, resting by themselves or playing with the visitors.


The food - a variety of sweet treats and savoury snacks with vegetarian or gluten free options –is inspired by or named after the cats and are fairly priced.


Anyone who loved cats would find themselves in their element at Lady Dinah’s, and there is even a little souvenir shop fill of badges, clothing, cat treats and merchandise for you to buy and take home as mementos of the day.


The Aurora members thoroughly enjoyed their experience and have already recommended to friends.  The Cat Café is a great idea, especially if you are a cat enthusiast but are unable to keep cats at home. Lady Dinah’s will be like a temporary home away from home for you to visit furry friends while you sit with a drink by yourself or with your companions.


A great experience!





For further details of Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium visit their website here:


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