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Message from the Heart


During my personal journey in recovering my true authentic self I became aware of body psychotherapy and how the body holds the

memories of our lives and remembers things. I was intrigued to know more and decided to have some biodynamic body psychotherapy sessions at Aurora. During one of those sessions I felt compelled to write this poem which came from my heart the seat of all emotion and feelings. It was also a place where my inner child resided.


Body psychotherapy is teaching me to have more respect for my body and listen to the wisdom of its messages.


I am all heart

Nothing more nothing less

I play my part

And I’m a great success


Pulsating with energy and love

I let you know that I ‘m alive

Radiating with energy from above

Loving support that I can survive


I let you know when you feel sad

I ache; I hurt, I quiver with many fears

Such deep yearning for what I never had

The un-gushed spring of unshed tears


Heart strings pull at my baby’s heart

A quickening felt - always in a hurry

I know the place where hurt has marked

And darkened the breath with affluent worry


Heart I feel you - I know of your history

I will beat one more time - gently just before sleep

Softened by age and silenced by mystery

A brave heart crossing over to Warrior Creek


Jean (Survivor at Aurora)

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