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Message from Susannah


Dear Aurora Supporter,


I hope you are well.


A very big thank you to each and every one of you for all your support and donations to Aurora over the years - most especially during our recent Crowdfunding event. I’m in complete awe at the overwhelming generosity and positive response to our request – it is simply amazing to behold. Please know that by supporting Aurora, in any way you can, means more clients have the opportunity to benefit from Aurora’s Specialist Therapy and Community Centre - making recovery from childhood trauma/abuse a firm reality for many more victims/survivors. As a small charity without large overheads your donations go directly to help clients and the service to continue its good work for as long as we are needed.  


When I founded Aurora in August 2006 I had no idea of what to expect I only knew I had to do something to help other people whose lives have been devastated by childhood trauma/abuse - as mine once was. I was not satisfied in just providing exemplary psychotherapy and support that could only scratch the surface. I hoped to provide a place where victims/survivors could meet one another because I knew from experience that isolation can be the real killer of hope – and life. I wanted to create a place where each person was supported and cared for by the best possible skilled, compassionate Team members and have the opportunity to meet others who like themselves on their own recovery journey. It is with this special Aurora combination that hope can be restored to recover a life worth living.


Clients have described Aurora as “…the nearest thing to unconditional love…” “…being with people who genuinely care about me…” “…helped me to hope…” How truly heartening and wonderful that clients experience our service like this. I can only say I remain humbled by being part of this challenging and rewarding experience that is Aurora. Sadly Aurora is unique in that we remain the only service in the country that provides trauma recovery therapy in the way we do. I hope you will continue to help us – and my fantastic Team - to expand our services to provide our Aurora kind of care for anyone that needs our help and support. It is with your generous support and our hard work here that together will enable us to continue our mission to help as many people abused in childhood who need our services.  


If you wish to help Aurora further by organising fundraising events of your own then please do so – the more the merrier! If you have other ideas on how to help Aurora raise funds, awareness and/or generally support us then do let us know. You can email us on


Thank you all again so very, very much!


Susannah x

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