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Aurora Equinox

Issue 1 - October 2011

WELCOME… this issue of the Aurora Equinox the very first Newsletter from the Aurora Health Foundation for anyone inspired by the Aurora Vision of providing specialist support for people abused in childhood and their supporters. Inside you’ll find articles and news of Aurora events, uplifting

stories, recovery advice, poetry and much more. We are always interested to hear from people; whether you are a survivor, a supporter of a survivor or a practitioner who works with survivors.


Contributions need to be short, uplifting and helpful. All contributions are proof read and edited as little as possible. Your contribution can be anonymous or with a pseudonym - please state your preference when contacting Aurora. We'll do our utmost to include all contributions in future editions. If this calls to you then do email us at:


Please note that the content of this newsletter does not necessarily reflect the views of the Aurora Health Foundation.

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