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Bodywork Therapies


Counselling and psychotherapy are often seen as the conventional therapies for helping survivors of childhood abuse. However, Aurora sees the specialised combination of talking therapy alongside bodywork therapies that are especially tailored to alleviate symptoms and heal the underlying roots of traumatic experiences for clients that can also be greatly beneficial.


Clients who have seriously committed and fully prioritise their therapy have benefitted from these treatments, reporting improved concentration, better restorative sleep, deepened relaxation, with a marked increase in their vitality and emotional, psychological, physical well-being.


Aurora recommends a course of at least 6 treatments or regular treatments as guided by your practitioner as a one-off complementary treatments of Bodywork (as with counselling / psychotherapy therapies) are unlikely to have sustained long-term benefits for the chronic conditions often experienced by traumatised victims of abuse.


For any of the therapies at Aurora to be effective a full and sustained commitment is needed by each individual client. You have to make and keep the contract you’ve made to your recovery. Aurora can help you but you ultimately must do the work.


Aurora’s Bodywork can help survivors "reclaim" their body lost to them from childhood abuse, restore lost vitality and move from victim to victor in their everyday lives.


Some bodywork therapy details are outlined below.




Aurora’s Bodywork encompasses physical relief, psychological and emotional release (such as biodynamic massage) and holistic healing (such as Reiki) and nutritional advice. Some of the bodywork therapies can achieve positive results in all areas but generally one or more restorative benefits are usual.


Bodywork therapies at Aurora can help a client to gradually build trust, gently tolerate and accept safe, positive touch; experience deep relaxation; dissolve negative experiences surrounding body image and spontaneously release traumatic experiences stored in the body.


For more information on Aurora’s range of Bodywork therapies currently offered email us for an update.


Biodynamic Massage


Bodywork, whether traditional or complementary can bring up emotional responses in a client. Touch can bring up ‘forgotten’ emotional realities, positive and negative. Practitioners at Aurora understand the emotional impact of touch and can sensitively and skilfully work with whatever arises during a bodywork therapy session. Biodynamic Massage is often used within Biodynamic Psychotherapy but is also an effective stand-alone bodywork treatment designed to help a client to process emotional and physical stress, not just in the mind but also in their physical body. Biodynamic massage at Aurora is therefore a most effective bodywork treatment in the recovery of adult victims/survivors of childhood abuse/trauma and alongside their talking therapy. A more in depth from of biodynamic massage can also be integrated in biodynamic psychotherapy sessions at Aurora.

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