Help for abuse, counselling for childhood abuse


Hilary (Biodynamic Psychotherapist)


I have been working at Aurora since 2011, first as a trainee and now as a fully qualified Biodynamic (Body) Psychotherapist and Biodynamic Massage Therapist.


All emotional experiences affect our bodies, creating tensions which are often easily released through physical expression – laughter, tears etc – which is part of the process of “making sense” of experience and storing it as a memory of a past event.


Traumatic experiences such as abuse in childhood cannot be processed in this way, as a child cannot express and make sense of what has happened in the absence of a supportive and understanding adult. Tension remains in the body, and the mind remembers only an ongoing threat when similar emotions are triggered.


Working with an awareness of the interaction between body and mind, I can help clients find safe ways to express and process their experiences past and present, create new memories and release the physical tension, which may underlie symptoms such as aches & pains, digestive problems, fluid retention, inflammation etc.


With the client’s consent, it may be appropriate to use Biodynamic Massage as part of this process, or as a method of working with the body alongside “talking therapy” with another member of the Aurora Team.