Help for abuse, counselling for childhood abuse


Ewa (Integrative Counsellor)


I have over 10 years in short term and long term practice of working with people who have experienced mental, emotional and physical abuse. I am a trained psychologist and qualified Integrative counsellor. Throughout my training and client work, I have developed a very intuitive therapeutic style and I am successful in meeting my clients’ many needs through genuine and non-judgemental relating.


I believe that the strength of the relationship between a therapist and client is the key to the success. I have learned that it is central to be able to gain a clear sense of how people see their world.  I have also learned that making people feel safe is essential in building an effective relationship.  The person walking through the door may feel profoundly sceptical, he or she may feel helpless, but at the same time they may feel that the process of counselling could do them some good, and so they have hope. I never lose hope for my clients’ well-being.


Kierkegaard says that "when a person chooses to be his true-self, he will feel the opposite of despair".