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Dean (Integrative Counsellor)


I joined Aurora in March 2018 and completed a BSc in Integrative Counselling from East London University in August 2020.

In my integrative approach I draw on the strengths of humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapies within a coherent framework for positive change in an a safe, empathetic, contained and confidential space.


Sessions will progress at your own pace, and I will work with you in a way which allows you to feel in control of the direction and the content of the sessions. I value each client and recognise that we are all unique, with our own set of circumstances which have shaped our lives.

When I am not working for Aurora, I work in a therapeutic community within a medium secure NHS hospital, for high profile offenders. Here I work with males who have a diagnosis of personality disorder, namely anti-social and narcissistic; I work in a psychodynamic/psychoanalytically informed way, co-facilitating group and individual therapy sessions.

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