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Carys (Integrative Counsellor)

Carys is an integrative therapist based in London and has been part of the team at Aurora since 2021.


She believes each of us is entirely unique, shaped by our experiences, relationships, circumstances and outlook - integrative therapy allows her to tailor her work specifically to you by drawing on a number of different therapeutic perspectives. She views therapy as a collaborative and creative process, where she will work alongside you to examine your life, thoughts, and choices more closely. You have the freedom to select the subjects you wish to explore and she will be invested in helping you understand the elements of your life causing distress and enact the changes you wish to see. 


She offers you curiosity, care and commitment in exploring any areas of your life, or parts of yourself, that you wish to bring to therapy, no matter how overwhelming they may feel. She believes in working relationally, which includes exploring the relationship between you both and how this may help you understand the other relationships in your life. She also see’s great value in exploring your relationship to the social and cultural context in which you live and how this might be impacting your wellbeing or influencing your choices. 


Previously to becoming a therapist she worked in the creative arts and continues to dedicate part of her practice to this sector, this includes running an arts advocacy organisation and facilitating the use of dance and movement therapeutically within group and educational settings. 

Professional Qualifications:


  • MSc in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling (Greenwich University)

  • Intensive Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Regents University)

  • Certificate in Group Facilitation

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