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Message from Susannah


Hi Everyone,


I hope you enjoy this issue of Aurora Equinox.


I am the Founder CEO of Aurora. You can see more about my story of my own childhood abuse and what services Aurora provides on YouTube. Just click on the video on the front page of our website or look at


To those of you who may be thinking of coming for therapy at Aurora have a look on our website or just ring/email to ask us for more information. And if Aurora is not for you then we wish you well with your recovery.


I believe it is possible to heal from childhood abuse and all of us are a work in progress. Whilst there is unfortunately no magic formula and healing can be different for everyone there is still hope although it can be so hard at times to find a light at the end of that tunnel of fear and despair. What might be helpful to you is to just try to do your best, try to keep safe and hold your flame of hope sacred as much as you possibly can. Keep going and it really will and does get better. I still have my bad days but they are nowhere near as terrifying and devastatingly painful as my life once was.


I am often asked how I have come to where I am now and to be honest I’m not entirely sure! I don’t see myself as recovered but in recovery – a work in progress – pretty much how I see everyone. We are all on a journey whatever our experiences as human beings we’ve all known suffering. I look after myself much as I would if I had a health condition. I notice when I have to take better care of myself, times when I cannot watch certain films or television or listen to certain music that may trigger me. I also know from my own therapy (talking, bodywork and complementary therapies etc.) – and my own self-help (books, artwork, walking, meditation, reiki, writing etc.) where my trauma comes from and with that knowledge came power for me to heal. I have a deep belief in a benevolent force for good and all this kept me going as I tried to hold my belief in my healing even when it was dark and I could see no light. I am still a work in progress but mostly I am very happy to be here to bring Aurora into the world.


Take care and honour your own recovery.


With all good wishes.



Ziggy (one of Aurora’s cats) snoozing

Waiting Area in Aurora Centre

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