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Harry Potter Here I Come!


In January a group of clients, along with Susannah and Nick, visited Harry Potter World in Watford. This is part of Aurora’s therapeutic community style to help clients to build confidence in social situations whilst Team members are on hand to help if needed.


We hired a mini bus so that everyone who wanted to go, but who might have had problems using public transport due to distance or anxiety,

could come along. The following is one client’s description of the day.


“Words rise off paper and float away into thin air. I can make different types of snow. Mythical creatures adorn the shelves. A staircase moves mysteriously as soon as I put my foot on it then welcome to the magic that is Harry Potter and it certainly cast its spell upon me as I was enthralled by the whole experience.


I had seen brief film clips of the series but hadnever felt inclined to watch the movies. However having visited the various sets etc I fully enjoyed the fantasy and came to understand why adults and children are so attracted to it. Magic is such an intriguing subject.


I loved every minute of it and so did everybody else who had attended the day including one brave client who had decided to try her hand at

riding a broomstick.


There was just so much to do and see. One of my favourite items was the clock. I remember feeling quite memorised by the pendulum

swinging, so much so that I lost track of everybody else and wandered away to explore further into this magical work. I remember walking down this very quaint old world type of street which felt very atmospheric and I do so love looking in shop windows but this was a different type of window shopping but equally just as pleasurable.


It was good to see everybody enjoying themselves and having such a good time and know that everyone has a little bit of a wizard inside themselves. It’s every child’s joy. I wonder what kind of wizards or spells we could make as we grow and take on new learning and achieve

mastery over our own development.”

Susannah outside Hogwarts

Susannah and Nick by the “Night Bus”

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